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In the Town of Maggie Valley, information on land, buildings, mobile homes, campers and other personal property is provided by the  Haywood County Tax Assessors office.

Residents are required to report to the county tax office by January 31 each year their taxable property such as boats and business equipment, etc.  Tagged motor vehicles that are registered with the NC Division of Motor Vehicles are not required to be reported.

Property taxes on real estate and certain personal property other than motor vehicles are billed in the fall of each year.  You will receive two separate tax bills each year, one from the Town of Maggie Valley and one from Haywood County.  Property taxes must be paid by January 5th to avoid penalties.

Beginning in 2013, your annual vehicle inspection, registration renewal and vehicle property tax will be due the same month each year. Only one payment – made either in person, online or by mail – is required to pay both the annual tag and tax for your vehicle. (Inspection fees are still paid to the inspection station.)

Property taxes are collected for the Town’s service year beginning on July 1.  For example, the Town property taxes billed in the fall of 2015 to be paid by January 5, 2016, will pay for services from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.  (The 2015-2016 fiscal year).

The 2016-2017 tax rate is 39 cents per $100 of taxable value.

To estimate your 2016-2017 tax bill multiply your taxable property value as set by Haywood County by 0.0039.   For example, if your property taxable value is $200,000 (200,000 x 0.0039 = $780).

North Carolina General State Statute 105-348

All Interested Persons Charged With Notice of Taxes

All persons who have or who may acquire any interest in any real or personal property that may be or may become subject to a lien for taxes are hereby charged with notice that such property is or should be listed for taxation, that taxes are or may become a lien thereon, and that if taxes are not paid the proceedings allowed by law may be taken against such property.  This notice shall be conclusively presumed, whether or not such persons have actual notice.  (1939, c. 310, s. 1705; 1971, c. 806, s. 1.)

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