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Public Works

Maggie Valley Public Works The majority of all Town operations are carried out with the assistance of the Public Works Department. This Department has a hard working & dedicated staff. Some of the duties of the Public Works Department include:

Solid Waste
Even though Solid Waste pickup is contracted, Public Works plays a big role in this on-going service. We deliver, pick-up and repair all cans, pick up missed trash and recycling, resolve complaints and coordinate with and monitor our Solid Waste Contractor. The Town has begun two new services in recent years. The first new service is Yard Debris pickup. This service is provided on an as needed basis, and is scheduled as residents call for service. The second service is Discarded Appliance (white goods) pickup and disposal for residents. This service, in combination with brush and limb pickup and the contracted garbage/recycling pickup make the Town’s Solid Waste service a comprehensive service to residences.

Solid Waste Ordinance

Town of Maggie Valley Curbside Services

Maggie Valley Solid Waste and Recycling Information Packet

Building and Grounds
This includes all operation and maintenance of the Town buildings and properties. Workers are responsible for cleaning, repairing, mowing, weed-eating, spraying, renovating, ordering and distributing supplies, setting-up for meetings, maintaining facilities, pavilion, fountains and records location. Building and Grounds covers a vast area.

Street Maintenance
Any work on HWY 19, Powell Bill (Town) streets and some non-Town streets is covered under this heading. This work involves road paving, patching, sweeping, street signs, shoulder repairs, shoulder mowing, ditch cleaning and repairing, trash and debris removal, maintaining crosswalks and islands on Soco Road, weeding, mulching and spraying.

Non Powell Bill Street Funds Application

Town of Maggie Valley Non Powell Bill Street Policy

We maintain 12 miles of sidewalks.  The Town’s sidewalk system is a valuable asset and takes continual monitoring. This includes repairs, building new sidewalks, spraying for weeds, mowing grass strips, visual inspections for hazards, monitoring work areas for damage, handrail painting and repairs and trimming-back over hanging trees and brush.

Vehicle Maintenance
Public Works provides operations and maintenance for the Town’s vehicle and equipment fleet. Police vehicles, Public Works vehicles, Sewer vehicles, bucket truck, mowers, weedeaters, saws, jet machine, safety equipment and other vehicles. Today, all maintenance of these vehicles and equipment (other than major maintenance) is done internally by the Public Works staff.

Festival Grounds
The Festival Grounds is important to the Town and community. Public Works strives to keep the grounds and facilities looking nice and operating properly. We mow and weed-eat weekly, clean restrooms and the concession stand, oversee operation and maintenance for water, sewer and electric services, also check to see if site remediation is needed after events, make sure trash is picked up, provide manpower for events and work with all promoters as needed.

Public Works Department Current Monthly Report – February 2017


For more information, contact Maggie Valley’s Public Works Director, Mike Mehaffey.



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