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Purchase Knob Web Cam – Maggie Valley, NC

Maggie Valley lies to the west of Asheville NC, in Haywood County.  The Purchase Knob Web Cam displays a beautiful image showing contours and ridges of the surrounding Smoky Mountains.  Purchase Knob’s elevation is 5,086 feet.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is Zoning?

A.  Zoning primarily controls how property may be used and where structures may be placed on the property.  Different regulations may be established to carry out specific purposes stated for each zoning district, although within each zone land uses are treated similarly.  This includes land uses, density, building height and size, lot sizes, yards and open spaces, setbacks, signs and accessory uses.  In addition, various standards are established for off-street parking and provisions related to different development techniques.  Within each zoning district, a category of uses is defined which require a special land use permit in order to locate in that district.    The laws are designed to allow owners reasonable use of their land while protecting the rights of the neighborhood and the community.

Q2. What is the zoning of my property?

A.  To determine the zoning district your property is located in you have three options 1) by viewing it online at; zoning information is found under “viewable layers” 2) Contact the Planning Department by phone 828.926.0866 x 104 or email 3) Stop by Town Hall between the hours of 8AM-5PM Monday through Friday.

Q3. What are the allowed uses on my property?

A.  Each zoning district has Permitted, Conditional, Special and Prohibited Uses. Conditional and Special Uses require additional review approval.  If you do not know the zoning district your property is located in, please call the Planning Department.

Q4. What are the setbacks for my property?

A.  The required front, rear, and side yard setbacks vary between zoning districts.  Setbacks are listed for each district in the Town of Maggie Valley Zoning Ordinance.

Q5. Are front setbacks measured from the edge of the street?

A.  Yes and No. Setbacks are not measured from the edge of the pavement, but from the edge of the street right-of-way (Street right-of-way widths vary greatly within Town). The best way to determine the exact location of all your property lines is to have a land surveyor locate the actual property pins.

Q6. I have a complaint about certain uses on a neighbor’s property. How do I resolve the problem?

A.  Consider talking to your neighbor with the intent of working out your problem before involving the Town in the matter. If you are unsuccessful in your diplomatic efforts, please submit your complaints, including as many details as possible, in writing to the Town. The Planning Department will review the complaint, and if there is a zoning violation, will work to resolve the situation.

Q7. What is the purpose of Design Review?

A.  The Design Review process was established in order to protect property rights and values, and ensure that the general appearance of buildings and site improvements are consistent with the goals of the City. These goals include: enhancement of properties with adequate landscaping, proper circulation within parking areas, and to encourage architecture that responds to the needs of the users, as well as presents an attractive exterior to the public and adjoining property owners. All commercial, public and multi-family residential (three or more units) projects have a requirement for Design Review approval.

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